We Farm Humanely

with a mobile pasture system

Our Difference

Hens on our farm are free to range on fresh pasture where they scratch, search for grubs/bugs and dustbathe all day long. Of an evening they retreat to their mobile sheds for a safe evening of roosting.  

Our farming system is focused on regenerative use of land with consideration of minimising environmental impacts. From minimising the use of disposable packaging to feeding our chooks kitchen scraps and compost we aim to minimise waste, promote the natural nitrogen cycle and achieve carbon sequestration. We don’t use any harmful chemicals or feed additives on our farm, our chooks are supplemented with a feed supplied by reputable mills that ensure our hens get access to all necessary nutrition to maintain optimal health. 


This all means our hens are happy, our egg whites are creamy and have a rich, golden yolk that simply speak for themselves!


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